Some Peace for the Lost Souls on Hart Island

Hart Island, the world's largest tax-funded cemetery, is officially open to the public. New York City's Department of Correction has finally introduced a searchable database for those looking for their long-lost loved ones, who might have ended up on this forbidden island. The living can finally get closure on what has been an exhausting battle and those forgotten or lost among the mass graves on Hart Island can hopefully rest in peace. More on Hart Island: General info from … [Read more...]

Tony’s Pier on City Island Claimed by Hurricane Sandy

Tony's Pier City Island

A relic of City Island is now gone, but memories of breezy summer nights, strong piña coladas and crispy fried shrimp will remain. Hurricane Sandy toppled an electrical pole onto Tony's Pier Restaurant late Monday night and set off a three-alarm fire. Firemen battled the blaze through the night, with rain and rising flood waters fighting against them. The owner's biggest regret is not having the power shut off by ConEd prior to the storm. Nevertheless, they vow to build it again, bigger … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy in City Island NY

Hurricane Sandy City Island 9

Please share this information with anyone who might need it: 1. Free Dry Ice - to be distributed by ConEd at 1200 Waters Street, Bronx NY. Please call ahead of time to insure supplies haven't run out (212-460-4111). 2. At the advice of city officials, any food – including packaged food – that was touched by flood water should be thrown away.  The flood water may contain sewage or other contamination. All other items should be disinfected. 3. Tap water is safe to drink. 4. For … [Read more...]

City Island Storm Clouds

storm on city island

A dark mass of clouds gathered above eerie Hart Island just before the storm.   … [Read more...]

I Heart City Island

city island poster

A visual display of affection for our new stomping ground. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Coastal Decor & Where to Get it on City Island


A coastal decor post today...found some nice inspiration for nautical decor and went out in search some seaside elements of my own. There's a charming little place on City Island called Corona's Hidden Treasures that sells exactly what I was looking for. It's worth a visit for sure, especially when you know there's a craftsman at work in the back, carefully and passionately putting these boats's another lost art. The Inspiration:  by Lisa Kauffman Tharp - Kauffman Tharp … [Read more...]

Photo Of The Day: Riptide Pier on City Island

riptide fishing city island

 I took this photo with my favorite toy, the iPhone 4 and edited it using the Snapseed App. Location: From a booth in JP's, staring out the window at the Riptide pier on City Island. … [Read more...]

A Taste of France at City Island’s Bistro SK


When we go out to eat, it's usually not with the intention of writing about the place (as evidenced by the less than stellar iphone pics). We go out to try something new, have a good time and enjoy to food. But when we least expect it, we stumble onto a place that actually merits a few pictures and a quick mention. As we walked into Bistro SK, we felt like we stepped into another world...french music playing softly in the background, charming decor and amazing hospitality from the owner and … [Read more...]

City Island Postcard

city-island-postcard copy

I had a little time on my hands last night so I put a few images together to create a City Island postcard. Feel free to print or share... … [Read more...]

The Sam Pell House On City Island


FOR SALE: The Samuel Pell House is a beautiful example of the Second Empire style house that was popular in the nineteenth century. This particular sea captain's house and former inn, is one of thirteen still standing on City Island and comes with rooms full of stories to boot. Samuel Pell was a descendant of the Pell family that once owned this area of the Bronx and Pelham Manor, and he and his 12 children, occupied this house until about 1900, were prominent members of the City Island … [Read more...]